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But ecode of 40 could cause problem for some FSL builds to read the NIfTI image correctly, as mentioned in my previous post. Easily convert NII files from your computer to DICOM format by turning to this lightweight application that lets you configure tagging and compression settings If your job involves frequently handling medical imaging files, you probably understand and agree with the fact that software assistance has a huge role in simplifying your tasks. However, the format includes an implicit spatial transformation into a RIGHT-HANDED coordinate system. 23 Sep 2016 As stated in Jiancong Wang comment (22 Aug 2016) there is a very serious issue with orientation handling.


The SliceTiming field in dcmHeaders.M, as well as in nifti extension, stores the timing in the order of slices in the corresponding nifti file, which may be opposite to the order in Siemens mosaic image. NifTI files are about 70% of the size of the original DICOM. One issue has to do with the instance numbering of the DICOMs. As such, the structure of the format supports assumes that the length of tags, and the file as a whole, cannot always be determined. This is the convention that I'm used to, but I am not sure it applies to make_nii as well.

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As you can see, “origin” in NIfTI is expressed in sform or qform. Would you please upload them to your FTP site and send me the link? Moving the crosshair to 139,63,91, I can read the value is (-0.1784,0.8963,0.3663), which is correct. Best regards, Stella, SCE,Nanyang Technoligical Univeristy Singapore, 25 Jul 2007 The best tool I have used for Analyze image reading and writing.

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Since it is too complicated to modify “load_nii.M” to load specific slices of NIfTI and Analyze formats, I modified “load_untouch_nii.M” only. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Just click “Buy Now” link below to purchase Medical Image Converter. Dicom2nifti has been tested with DICOM files from Philips Achieva 3T R2.6. Please feel free to let me know if you have further question.

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You downloaded dicm2nii between 20141229 and 20150423, and 3. Since all NIfTI compatible software should be able to load a 4D NIfTI (or Analyze) file, we do not support any conversion from .Hdr/img to .Nii file.

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Fix the problem caused by PAR 4.2 keyword case change; 2. This is what I have done so far: datatype = 16; % change datatype to float32 nii2 = make_nii(myoldnii_file.Nii, [],[], datatype); save_nii(nii2, 'mynewnii_file.Nii'); the error message i get is: Datatype is not supported by make_nii. When using read_nii_img we are now getting an error saying: ???

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While DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) provides a necessary format for handling device connectivity, it could be improved by addressing the following concerns. DICOM was envisioned at a time before formats such as PDF and DOC were robust and popular. Jimmy 3 Jul 2009 Hi Pieter: It is because you took the advantage of my default “tolerance”, which allows 10% distortion. Once you open up the ZIP file, you still need to know how to interpret the data.

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You may try two options to convert two echos into two nii files. 29 Nov 2017 Hi, After converting .Nii to jpeg (using load_nii and imwrite) coordinates of jpeg images are mismatch. For some NIfTI files it will be flipped simply by loading and saving without any further changes. This transformation (“Method 2” in the nifti1.H documentation) is generated using the voxel dimensions, a quaternion encoding a rotation matrix, and a 3D shift, all stored in the NIfTI-1 header; details can be found in the nifti1.H comments.